Friday Feed #135 - Love in the Garden, Bill Gates Tackles Cow Burps and a French Ban on Deep Sea Mining

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Love Yourselves and Your Garden!

The sun on your face, the soil between your fingers. What could be better than a morning spent out in the garden? Well, spending it in the garden with someone you love!

Gardening has significant and proven positive effects on both our mental health and our relationships. It’s like a tonic for the soul, an escape from the bustle of everyday life. When you garden with someone you care about, you enjoy the feel good factor of doing something positive together.

From becoming more mindful to eating healthier and simply enjoying the adventure together, gardening is a Valentine’s-worthy activity for couples of all ages!

Find out more about how it benefits relationships and mental health below.

Bill Gates Taking on Cow Burps

These days Microsoft co-founder and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates spends a lot of his time and resources ‘giving back’ to society. He’s done a lot of good for the world, and shows no signs of slowing down.

His latest investment is a real head-turner, designed to reduce the methane emissions of commercially-raised cattle by reducing how much they burp! Now you know we’re not the biggest fans of methane here at Subpod, so this is a pretty exciting news story for us.

But it gets better… the way the methane production is curtailed in cows is by feeding them seaweed! University studies have shown this significantly reduces the amount of methane produced in the digestive process of cattle. Perth-based startup Rumin8 have taken that and run with it, producing a dietary supplement based on seaweed to stop the gas.

And now, they have funding from Mister Gates himself. Learn more below, and watch this space for updates!

France Bans Deep Sea Mining

In a victory for “the seabed and environmentalists”, the French parliament has voted in favour of banning deep sea mining in its waters.

The ‘deep seas’ of our planet make up nearly 90% of our oceans. Due to their inaccessibility, they’re shrouded in scientific mystery. Recently though, corporations are becoming more and more interested in the minerals and metals on the deep ocean floor. Deep sea mining intends to get down there and extract them.

The cost to the environment would be huge. Any species living that deep have taken thousands of years to adapt to their surroundings, and are very vulnerable to any kind of disturbance. This would have significant negative effects on them.

It’s impressive that the French government is protecting them and their habitat, and we certainly hope more countries follow suit.

Read more about this development below!

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