Friday Feed #134 - The love of compost and plants, a school webinar and reducing your 'foodprint'

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The Ongoing Love Story of Compost and Plants

Remember that scene in Romeo and Juliet where the two star-crossed lovers meet on a balcony and exchange their expressions of love?

Compost and plants do something similar all the time! Except they’re in a Modbed Balcony Planter, serenading each other with sweet stories about microbes and nutrition and bountiful harvests!

The relationship between compost and plans is one of loyalty and trust, and they’ve been growing together throughout time. With Valentine's Day approaching, we thought we’d dig into this enduring love story and discuss exactly what makes it tick.

From keeping away hungry insects to maintaining the right water levels, it’s hard to think of a couple that have each other’s backs like compost and plants do! Check out all the ways they love each other below.

A School Composting Webinar

If you’re a teacher, educator or staff member thinking about starting up a school composting or gardening project, this free webinar is for you!

We’re teaming up with Tracy from Lindisfarne Grammar, a New South Wales school that is big on sustainability. So big, in fact, that they have an army of 40 Subpods helping them fight food waste on the school grounds!

Managing those over the last few years has given Tracy some powerful insights into how a school can successfully set up and run a composting project.

And now, she’s going to share her wealth of information with you in this online webinar. From how to set up a compost project to the ideal way to get kids engaged with it, she’ll be ready to take all your questions!

Sign up using the link below!

How to Reduce Your ‘Foodprint’

This could change the face of catering at dinner parties! A lot of people around the world are starting to adjust their diets with environmental sustainability in mind. It’s a way to reduce the effect of what they eat on the planet… their ‘foodprint’, if you will.

Corporate food providers are starting to take notice too, and beginning to cater towards these conscientious eaters. Eaters whose food choices aren’t as focused on ingredients as they are on the climate impacts of the food. Has it travelled far or been sourced locally, they ask themselves? Is there excessive plastic packaging? Does the crop use excessive water to produce?

This looks like it could be something that really gains steam as younger consumers become more concerned for the welfare of the planet. There’s a whole bunch of interesting names coming out too, from ‘Regenivores’ to ‘Climatarians’ and ‘Climavores’!

Find out where your tastes would lie in the link below!

Show Your Garden Some Love!

Start home composting with a Subpod worm farm!

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