The Vision


Subpod began with a simple idea: make composting a part of everyday life. We believe that if we can do that, we can teach people to love the soil their food comes from, and make the world a little bit better together.

Did you know that there are more organisms in one teaspoon of healthy soil than people on Earth? The micro-world beneath our feet is the secret to all healthy life on our planet – including yours.


Our global community of waste warriors and soil saviours is doing its part to care for our soil. Together, everyday people divert waste from landfill and return it to the earth. We’d love for you to join us.

The Food Waste Problem

33% of all food produced is lost or wasted, making up more than 50% of global landfill waste.

Waste happens, it’s what we do with it that makes a difference. We don’t think that people like throwing away good food, and nobody should be blamed for using a garbage bin – after all, it’s what we were taught to do. But the garbage bin was invented in 1893, and we’ve come a long way since then. Eliminating global food waste would have the same effect as taking one in four cars off the road, saving 4.4 million tonnes of C02 a year. It’s never been more important to learn a better way to waste.

What would the world look like if we composted our waste into fertile soil?

In Australia, over 5 million tonnes of food ends up in landfill. Thats enough to fill 9,000 Olympic sized swimming pools.

More than 14% (1 in 7) of the global population go hungry on a daily basis, and 12% of the population are undernourished.

The change starts inside our homes

How composting with Subpod can help solve the food waste problem

The circular economy

Most of our food waste management systems are linear – we take and consume, then dispose of the ‘waste’ in environmentally harmful landfills. Those systems are broken. We need to replace them with closed-loop, circular and sustainable ones that will protect our planet.

The Wasteful Way

What happens to the things we throw away? In our societies, there’s a lot of excess. Food gets lost in the back of the fridge, clothes go out of style fast and our technology breaks. When we put our waste in the bin, nothing good happens. Landfills hurt our environment, and this wasteful way costs the planet dearly.

The Sustainable Solution

Let’s retire our rubbish bins. We can grow our own food and compost our waste, donate or repair old clothes and recycle old technology so that every part is used again. Instead of take, consume, dispose – we can grow, consume, compost. Our planet is precious, and the sustainable solution is all about making the most of what it gives us.

The simple solution

Subpod diverts waste, rebuilds soil and helps you grow food.

Divert Waste

Every 20k people who compost can divert over 10k tonnes of organic waste from landfill, and produce 400+ tonnes of fresh food – every year.

Rebuild Soil

Healthy soils grow healthy humans. When we compost, we feed and rebuild the soil, improving its nutrient levels and fertility.

Grow Food

Fertile soil that has a rich supply of compost can grow food like nothing else. Gardens that have a Subpod will grow fresh, organic produce all year-round in prime regions.