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Excited to get Subpoding?  How about 3 Subpods + a Subpod Aerator to get you going!

Introducing the Subpod Trio Bundle

Start your composting powerhouse and process up to 45kg/102lbs of food waste per week with no smells or mess. Get back to nature and use your waste as a resource.

Along the way, you’ll learn about the fascinating world of worms, soil ecology and growing healthy food.

The Subpod Trio features 3 of our revolutionary composting systems + a Subpod Aerator to get your garden pumping.

Each Subpod is compact and fits in small spaces measuring 120cm long x 90cm wide x 45cm high.  You can have Subpod in different garden beds or connect them together for a large bench seat in your garden.  The Subpod Trio is perfect for large gardens, schools, cafes, even large families that have a lot of food waste every week.  Get started with composting and growing your own food the easy way!

Pre-Order today to receive massive discounts and the following:

  • 3 x Subpod
  • 1 x Subpod Aerator

Your Subpods will come flat packed with clear instructions and are easy to assemble. Plants shown in images are not included.

Due to popular demand, our third production run is already sold out.  Our fourth production run is selling fast, so pre-order today for June delivery.

Our Beginner Course is ready for you to learn about composting and how to use your Subpods.  Click here to join in! - Getting started with Subpod :)






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