Modbed Harvest Protection Cover

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You love your plants, so why not give them all the protection they deserve? The Harvest Protection Cover for your Modbed does exactly that, keeping pests and harmful UV rays out while letting water and air in. 

The result? A lush, fertile paradise with optimised growing conditions your plants will thrive in! 

Made of a polyethylene knitted mesh, the Harvest Protection Cover has been custom designed to snugly fit over your Modframe above the Modbed. The mesh design keeps the interior ventilated and allows moisture in, while stopping insects, pests and birds from reaching your juicy produce! 


  • Simple setup and easily sheaths over the Modframe. 
  • Strong and durable, with fiberglass stiffeners, elastic band, velcro straps and sturdy zips all designed for robustness. 
  • Front opening for access to plants and Subpod.
  • Sturdy construction ensures pests and birds stay out.


  • PE150gsm, 60mesh RoHS compliant
  • Reinforced corners
  • Front opening with zippers
  • Fiberglass stiffeners to keep the front opening straight
  • 25% shade rate
  • Recycled polyester logo patch

Guarantee: Our three year structural guarantee gives you complete peace of mind in the quality of the Harvest Protection Cover.
Option: With 2 x Frames
All orders dispatched within 2 Business days! 

Shipped from our L.A or Dallas warehouses via UPS, depending on your location.

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