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grow food, compost bin, composting, worm composting, growbag
grow food, compost bin, composting, worm composting, growbag
grow bag
grow food, compost bin, composting, worm composting
grow food, compost bin, composting, worm composting

Grow Bag

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Create a cost-efficient garden of any size that you can easily rearrange & take with you anywhere! Grow bag is the flexible garden option suitable for any project.

  • Subpod Mini compatible
  • Concrete & gravel friendly
  • Handles make for easy moving
  • Food safe & long lifespan
  • Made from 100% recycled water bottles

What's in the box?

1 x Grow Bag


Volume without Mini: 250L
Volume with Mini: 180L
Measurements: 15โ€ H x 39โ€ W x 39โ€ D

Introducing our NEW 100% recycled, instant garden Grow Bag


There's a Grow Bag for you

Start simple with a bundle or build a garden from single Grow Bags!

Grow Bag Compost Bundle

RRP: $257.00 NOW at $230

The Grow Bag Compost Bundle is perfect if you're just getting started! It's the complete beginner package with everything you need to compost and grow.

The bundle includes a Subpod Mini, a Grow Bag and an Aerator (compost mixing tool).

Grow Bag

RRP: $69.00

Looking to set up your first garden and want an easy raised bed? Just need a little extra growing room? Our versatile Grow Bags are suitable for any project.

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Unfold a new garden in seconds!

No garden bed? No problem. Our new Grow Bag is an instant garden bed – unpack, unfold, and you’re ready to plant! Pair with a Subpod Mini for the ultimate lightweight composting and gardening experience.

Planet friendly

Made from 100% food safe recycled water bottles – good for you & the planet!

Budget friendly

Make composting and growing a part of everyday life, no matter your budget.

Grower friendly

The perfect size for composting, growing your own veggies, herbs & flowers – or both!

Rental friendly

Take your garden with you when you move, or just chase the sun in different seasons.

Do something great for the planet ๐ŸŒŽ compost!


Design Highlights

Large growing capacity

A compact design shouldn’t mean less growing room.

Thanks to Grow Bag’s circular design, you get nearly the same growing room with a Mini installed as you do in our Grow Bed with a Subpod Classic installed. Need more room? Just add a few extra Grow Bags to your order!

Made from recycled, food safe material

Grow Bag is made from recycled water bottles, and it’s completely food safe. Here’s how the process works!

We start with bottles that have been thrown away, and break them down into small pellets of plastic. Those pellets get heated and stretched into fibers, dyed, and spun into a durable polyester fabric – which is used to make your Grow Bag!

We believe we have a responsibility to our customers (and the planet) to provide sustainable, non-toxic garden products. Our Grow Bags have a _____ certification and we’re very proud of the level of quality we’ve achieved.

5 year outdoor lifetime

Most fabric planters are only rated to last 2 – 3 years, but we’re committed to keeping our products out of landfill.

That’s why we’ve used durable, 3mm thick material to construct our Grow Bags. They’re rated to last outdoors for 5 years minimum, and are 100% recyclable at the end of their life.

Hot tip! Grow Bags are strong, but they are made from fabric, so take care when trimming your lawn not to accidentally slash the sides.

Handles for easy moving

Want to move your garden? No problem!

The handles on Grow Bag make it easy to pull your garden to different locations. We don’t recommend trying to lift the garden by the handles (your back will thank us) but Grow Bag can be dragged across most surfaces easily.

Embroidered feature pocket

Never lose your seedling labels or twine again! The vintage-embroidered pocket on our Grow Bags is a handy little place to store the tools and bits and bobs that help you grow.


Volume without Mini: 250L
Volume with Mini: 180L
Measurements: 15” H x 39” W x 39” D


Grow bigger, healthier plants

The porous material our Grow Bags are made from helps your plants grow bigger and healthier!

In plastic planters, plant roots spiral endlessly which drains energy from the plants, reducing their growth. In Subpod Grow Bags, roots sense the light and air through the material and limit their growth. Want to learn more? Look at the 'air pruning' section of our FAQ below!


Instant assembly

Create a new garden bed in seconds! Grow Bags come flat packed for easy storage, and unfold instantly. No cutting wood or screwing stuff together required. Just unpack, unfold, and you're ready to add soil and get planting.



Can I put a Grow Bag on concrete?

Yep! Grow Bags can be set up on any surface (concrete, grass, gravel, woodchip) as long as it's flat. Water does drain from the base of the Grow Bag, so make sure to place it somewhere that won't be an issue.

Do I need a Subpod to garden with a Grow Bag?

Nope! While the Grow Bag is a great lightweight option to set up a Subpod Mini, you can use them on their own purely as a garden.

We suggest using multiple Grow Bags, one with a Mini and a few as just gardens – and spreading the compost from your Mini across all your beds for a nutrient boost!

Are Grow Bags made from food safe material?

Absolutely. The fabric our Grow Bags are made from is a polyester fiber derived from PET pellets (made from recycled PETE water bottles).

It's BPA free, non-toxic and heat-stable, so you don't have to worry about any nasties. It also means you can recycle your Grow Bag at the end of its' life!

What's the durability of the Grow Bag?

We've tested our Grow Bags under different conditions, and can happily say they have an average outdoor lifespan of 5 years!

That said, if you treat yours well they can last even longer. Don't go accidentally slicing them while you mow the lawn!

Do I need to make drainage holes in the Grow Bag?

Not at all. They're made from porous material that drains water automatically!

What's air pruning and how does it work?

In nature, if roots come into contact with air, they stop growing. The root tips are "burned" off by the air, which causes the plant to produce new and healthy branching roots in non-airy directions. This is a healthy process, and is known as 'air pruning'.

When plants grow in plastic pots and planters, the only place roots are exposed to air is often at the base. The rest of the plastic blocks airflow to the roots, so they never recieve a signal to stop growing. Instead, the roots grow 'round and 'round in the planter until the plant becomes 'root bound'.

If you've ever repotted a houseplant, the picture above probably looks familiar!

Because our Grow Bags are made of a porous fabric, any time a root gets near the edge, they'll recieve enough airflow to signal the air pruning process.

This means your plants end up with more diverse, branching root balls – and don't waste precious growing energy on becoming root bound!

The 'fluffier' and more intricate a plant's root ball is, they healthier they'll generally be. And for vegetables, you'll get much better yields from a plant grown in soil that's well aerated.

Long story short? More airflow to plant roots = healthier plants and bigger harvests!

How much soil do I need to fill the Grow Bag?

If you're not planting a Mini in your Grow bag, you'll need 8 x 30L bag's worth of soil.

If you are planting a Subpod Mini in your Grow Bag, you only need the equivelant of 5 x 30L bags of soil.

What can you compost in a Grow Bag with Subpod Mini?

Here's a list of all the stuff you can (and a few things you shouldn't) compost in a Grow Bag with a Subpod Mini:

Food Waste

  • Fruit and vegetable scraps
  • Eggshells (crush them first)
  • Coffee grounds, used tea leaves
  • Spoiled plant-based milks
  • Grains, pastas & breads
  • Nuts (and their shells), seeds, pits, husks

Small amounts of meat, seafood, dairy foods, citrus, onion and garlic, spicy herbs, peppers and oils may also be added.


Paper & Card

Scrap paper and cardboard can be added to your Caddy, as long as it’s not laminated or super glossy.

  • Office paper
  • Junk mail, bills, envelopes (no plastic windows)
  • Post-it notes
  • Paper plates, paper towels, tissues
  • Egg cartons, paper cupcake liners, baking paper,
  • Card, paper packaging


Natural Fibres

  • Cotton wool balls
  • Toilet paper/paper towel cores
  • Old napkins (made from natural fibres like cotton, tencel, linen, hemp or wool - no polyester, nylon, acrylic or blends)

Wood & Bamboo

  • Toothpicks, disposable wood & bamboo cutlery
  • Used matches
  • Bamboo skewers

๐Ÿšจ Not Compostable ๐Ÿšจ
You should never put any non-organics such as plastic, tin cans, cigarettes, building waste, toxic waste, glass, or anything similar into your Caddy.