Zaytuna Farm by Geoff Lawton


The Compost Central team made an early morning trek out to the beautiful green landscape of The Channon, west of Byron Bay to meet with Geoff Lawton and his team and students. With many helpful hands on deck, we installed a prototype Subpod with a slatted wooden top, within Zaytuna Farm's main vegetable garden.

Geoff Lawton, world renowned Permaculture consultant, designer and teacher and CEO of Permaculture Research Institute, has been such a massive support to our team, and has openly shared (to his audience) about the uniqueness and unparalleled effectiveness of the Subpod. Geoff was excited to see the system installed and has it positioned as a seat (or step) within the gardens, which will eventually become a series of steps throughout the space.

Geoff says, "when we feed the soil we bring the food vitality and nutrient density right up to the maximum. It's the soil ecosystem we’re stimulating. And the Subpod incubates that into action. It starts that catalyst of event right there in your garden. From your waste stream on your kitchen bench, straight to the garden, back to the food - where you are. You can’t do it more efficiently!"

Students arrive from all across the globe to live and learn the amazing principles of permaculture at Zaytuna Farm, and Geoff's influence and respect in this field is truly worldwide. We're very excited to provide ongoing support to the composting component at Zaytuna Farm, and are looking forward to installing more Subpods in the near future.

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