Spell & The Gyspy Collective : Composting Seats

In March 2019 we installed a beautiful, bespoke composting vegetable garden at the renowned fashion house, Spell & The Gypsy's headquarters in Byron Bay. The custom designed structure and seating nook, designed and built by Andrew Hayim De Vries and Adam Taylor, features two prototype Subpods, as well as two larger garden beds and two smaller side planting boxes, filled with luscious herbs and vegetables.

The office of roughly 50 women have been extremely proactive and excited to begin composting all of their own food and green waste on site, which is one part of their greater mission towards a more sustainable business - particularly a challenge for businesses in the industry they're in.

The structure was designed to fit with the chic and organic interior decor, and become a feature at the very entry of their head office.

Two of the key staff, Lucy and Caitlin, have been a wonderful driving force in making this project happen, enduring the processes involved in gaining council approvals, as well as working alongside our team in formulating the design and aesthetic look. And it all wouldn't be possible without the proactive sustainable minds of Spell's founders, Elizabeth and Isabella.

We've been holding hands-on composting workshops with the women and are excited to provide ongoing local support with their composting efforts going into the future.

We're very proud of the team at Spell, and encourage all businesses to take inspiration from this business' efforts - and begin composting at your workplace!

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