Feed #70 – We're holding a giveaway! + Farming under solar panels? Here's how it works

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We're holding a giveaway!

We’ve been secretly working on a raised garden bed composting system for the past two years. Here’s your chance to win one!

Modbed+ is a 2-in-1 compost & garden system that works with Subpod Mini to make composting in small spaces simple. Our mission is to make composting a part of everyday life, but with billions of people around the world living in cities and small homes – finding space to compost isn't easy.

We created Modbed+ to help more people than ever team up with nature and turn their food waste into green space!

Modbed+ will launch on Indiegogo later this month, but to celebrate its' debut, we’re holding a giveaway to offer 3 lucky composters a chance to win a full Modbed+ Grow Bundle. 

How to help kids set up their own garden

Dying to get your kids involved in the garden? Helping children set up their own patch is far more likely to help them catch the gardening bug than pulling them into your own projects!

Fostering curiosity and independence is one of the best ways to help get kids started in the garden. There are a bunch of great projects in the article below that can help parents, grandparents and caregivers get their little ones’ green thumb going.

Putting on your ‘microclimate’ goggles and investigating the garden space you have is a great place to start. It teaches kids to think about the needs of different plants, like popping tomatoes near a brick wall to stay toasty, and can lead to fun games like tracking the sunlight with chalk!

Letting kids pick the types of plants to grow is a #1 hit, too. By sitting back and letting them take control, they won’t just surprise you with fun suggestions – they’ll probably surprise themselves by realising there are a lot of veggies they actually like!

Farming under solar panels?

A new field of agriculture has recently sprung up called agrivoltaics – the combination of agriculture and photovoltaics (the science of solar power).

In a rare, true ‘win-win’, this farmer has been making extra money by selling surplus electricity they generate from the solar panels used to power the farm. Without losing farmland! By planting vegetables underneath solar panels, recent results suggest that not only do plants thrive – their yields actually increase.

The filtered light at the base of solar panel arrays creates an environment that’s similar to a rainforest floor. For plants such as basil, growing in these conditions causes leaves to grow wider and bushier to capture as much sunlight as possible, resulting in a better crop.

As our climate heats up and the ozone layer thins, crops can suffer from 'heatstroke' and over-exposure to sunlight. Growing under solar panels is an incredibly efficient way for farmers to diversify their income while maintaining their crops!

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