Feed #69 - Prizes for saving the planet & the sneaky way composting can make you healthier

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How does composting make you healthier?

Surprise! It turns out that composting isn't just good for the planet – it's good for you too.

A lot of it comes down to what you put in your fridge. Humans are able to live off rich, vegetable and fruit heavy diets – but we can also survive on over-processed, fatty, carb and meat-rich diets. That’s something compost worms can’t do.

When you first start composting your food waste, you’re probably more interested in doing your part to help the planet than caring for your new family of 2000+ worms. But the sneaky thing about Subpod is that worms have a way of winning us over, and that can have a surprising impact on the way we live… and eat.

This prize awards those trying to save the planet

A new limited series called The Earthshot Prize: Repairing our Planet has been released. Hosted by Prince William, The Earthshot Prize is a televised exploration of the many incredible projects that are trying to create a better future.

It turns out, the Earthshot 'Prize' is actually a real thing. It launched this year, and is “the most prestigious global environment prize in history, designed to incentivise change and help repair our planet over the next ten years” according to the website.

Watch the trailer for the limited series

The project was created by notable figures like Prince William, Cate Blanchett, Sir David Attenborough, Shakira and many others. Their mission is to achieve 5 ‘Earthshots’ by 2030 – simple but ambitious goals for the planet that, backed by scientific research, will improve all life on earth for generations.

The 5 goals are to: Protect and Restore Nature, Clean our Air, Revive our Oceans, Build a Waste-Free World and Fix our Climate. No small feats, but when you look at some of the incredible finalists for this year’s Earthshot Prize, the future seems brighter already.

This project is an incredible investment in our planet and we can’t wait to watch the 5-part series. It features stories from over 70 countries, giving insight into the incredible fight for the planet that is quietly happening all around us.

Get lost in this moving room full of orchids

The striking art exhibition pictured above, located in Tokyo, is designed to immerse you in the flowers – allowing you to become one with the garden.

We can only imagine what it feels like to be in the mirrored room filled with thousands of suspended orchids, but we'd say the artists at teamLab have achieved their goal!

The orchids are fully alive, able to survive suspended in the air because of their ability to grow without soil. All the species used in the exhibition, titled Flowers and I are of the Same Root, the Garden and I are One, have evolved to live on rocks and trees – and they're thriving.

The suspended orchids actually move whenever people approach them, lifting and slowly making room for guests to move about the space. In this way, the audience is encouraged to slow down and settle into the rhythm of the garden and its' plants.

From the community – Best seat in the house

That's the content face of a cat who knows it just grabbed the best seat in the garden! An unintended perk about Subpod being insulated is that it can be in the sun long enough to get to the perfect belly-warming temperature for your feline friends – without stressing out your worms.

"Someone likes the new Subpod" – @mrs_moo_

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