Meet the ‘mermaid’ making eco-magic with Subpod

It’s no myth that the best thing we can do to minimise our carbon impact is manage our food waste better, says environmental activist and compost convert Kate Nelson.


Kate Nelson is also known as the ‘Plastic Free Mermaid’, a title well earned through a lifetime of loving the sea, avoiding using single-use plastics, and volunteering for ocean conservation programs like the ones at Jean Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society in Santa Barbara, California. 


Kate first learned about the harmful effects plastic pollution has on our oceans while volunteering for Dr. Andrea Neal in Santa Barbara. She became an environmental activist, lobbying for stricter regulations, and has now lived without using single-use plastics for more than a decade.


These days, Kate’s eco-warrior focus is directed at a new foe – climate change. The Plastic Free Mermaid had what she describes as her “climate awakening” two years ago, when she realised how much her food waste contributed to the pollution of our planet. 


“Forget plastics – if you can’t deal with your food scraps, your greenhouse gas emissions are off the charts,” Kate says.


Watch the video to see Kate set up her Subpod at her Byron Bay farmhouse, and learn how composting is contributing to her zero-waste lifestyle.


Plastic Free Mermaid Kate Nelson and Subpod’s Peter Critch discuss how underground, vermiculture composting with Subpod is helping Kate minimise her carbon footprint, keep food waste out of landfill, and grow her own fresh produce. 


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