Coconut Bowls make mini herb gardens with Subpod

Jake McKeon, founder of Coconut Bowls, joined Peter Critch at The Farm in Byron Bay, to discuss sustainability, composting, and closed-loop business.

Jake’s coconut story began five years ago during a trip around the world. Towards the end of his journey, he landed in Bali where he saw local artisans crafting trinkets out of coconut shells. He loved the fact that they could be used as natural bowls.

Billions of coconut shells are sent to landfill or burnt as a method of disposal every year – a byproduct of the coconut industry. Jake saw the opportunity to create a sustainable loop by diverting these shells from landfill and upcycling them into bowls. 

It turns out that Subpod and Coconut Bowls work great together! Not only can you use a coconut bowl to eat a fresh salad from your garden, but they also make pretty nifty windowsill herb gardens. Just don’t forget to add compost!


Jake McKeon, founder of Coconut Bowls, joins Peter Critch to make mini herb gardens using cold vermiculture compost from a Subpod, and discuss sustainability, composting and closed-loop living.

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