Imagine a world without waste...

Imagining a world without food waste

With the 2019 theme "Imagining a beautiful future" Woodford Folk Festival invites us all to be a part of creating the future we want to be a part of. 

We believe it's time to rethink our relationship to waste, and food waste is a great place to start.  That's why we created the Subpod, it makes turning food waste into a resource simple and fun.

Imagine a beautiful future where waste is treated as a resource and soil life is respected.

When you use a Subpod to compost food waste you avoid harmful methane emissions and sequester carbon in the soil. It's a good news story we all can be a part of.

Subpod is proud to partner with Woodfordia in imagining a world without waste. 

What is a Subpod?

It’s a below-ground worm farm that mimics conditions found in nature. Compost worms, working with diverse soil microbes rapidly turn organic waste into worm castings, which is rich food for the soil and your plants. At full capacity, after around three months, it will process up to 15kgs (30L) of food waste per week.

Subpod is positioned in either a raised garden bed or in the ground, with the ventilation above the soil line to maintain a clean smelling, aerobic system, whilst also preventing entry of pests. The secure lid at the top also doubles as a garden seat, connecting you with your veggies and herbs. 

Born in Byron Bay, Subpod launched via crowdfunding in 2019 and Subpods are now on their way to hundreds of backers in 29 countries. 

You can pre-order a Subpod for delivery in February 2020 with a portion of the sale going to the wonderful work of Woodfordia. 

No Garden Bed? No Worries!

Meet Subpod Grow, the green space powered by food waste. Subpod Grow is a compact composting garden that turns food waste into food for the soil with no smells or mess. 

Take a seat on the sturdy Subpod lid surrounded by your favourite herbs, veggies and flowers. 

Subpod Grow comes flat packed and can be assembled with no tools in under an hour.  

We designed Subpod to be easy to use and maintain, wth handy instructions under the lid, right where you need them. Caring for your Subpod takes just minutes a week.

 When you use Subpod you'll learn about the fascinating world of worms, soil ecology and growing healthy food along the way. 

Get back to nature and treat food waste as a resource with Subpod Grow.

Subpod Specifications

  • Size: 75cm x 45cm x 43cm / 29.5 in x 17.7 in x 16.9 in
  • Weight: 9.4kg / 20.7lbs
  • Chamber Capacity: 85 Litres 
  • Lid Weight Capacity: Up to 200kg / 440.9lbs
  • Composting Capacity: 15kg / 33lbs per week
  • Annual Emission Offset: 2.24 tonnes CO2e
  • Compost Worms Required: Approx 2000

What The Experts Are Saying About Subpod

Geoff Lawton - Permaculture Educator
Damon Gameau - 2040 Filmmaker
Michael Mobbs - Sustainability Consultant 

Our Story So Far...

Creating Subpod has been a labour of love for our small team of waste warriors and soil stewards. Invented by ecological designer Andrew Hayim De Vries, more than 8 years of work has gone into bringing Subpod to the world.

Thanks to the support of backers from 29 countries during 2019 Subpod is now in production and ready to ship globally. And for every 10 Subpods pre-ordered we give 1 to a school or a community group, with more than 100 allocated already for exciting projects in 9 countries.

Pre-Order for delivery in February, with a percentage of each sale going to Woodfordia.

Subpod & Woodfordia

In May 2019 the Subpod team took a trip to The Planting Festival where Andrew gave a talk and ran a workshop on how to install a Subpod. 

The Subpod Grow prototype was installed by our team alongside with enthusiastic workshop participants at the Woodfordia office where it is still in use. 

At the 2019 Woodford Folk Festival you can see Subpod Grow Gardens installed at The General Store and the Long Live Woodfordia Tent.

Pre-order via this page and a percentage of each sale goes to support Woodfordia.

Subpod Team at Woodfordia after installing a prototype subpod compost system