The Farm Byron Bay


In early April, our team installed a Subpod at Byron's popular and infamous 'The Farm' on Ewingsdale Rd. The prototype model with slatted seating top was embedded in a raised garden bed just outside the bustling main restaurant area featuring the likes of Three Blue Ducks restaurant and The Bread Social bakery, to only name a few!

As we were installing the Subpod, we were quickly surrounded by curious locals and visitors who were really keen to learn more - so an unplanned 'show and tell' naturally happened!

Having a Subpod right outside the communal eating space, means patrons can really easily interact with and contribute to the compost system in the garden whilst visiting for lunch!

We're in the process of rolling out a larger composting install at The Farm so stay tuned for more! We'll be running occasional 'show and tell' compost feeding sessions on weekends, so join our mailing list for more info, or check out The Farm tours. We're so eager to see composting a more prominent and genuine part for food spaces just like this.

About The Farm

The Farm is principally a working farm, housing a collection of micro-businesses all sharing in a common goal. They invite you to come and visit us and see for yourself how a farm operates, supports the environment and contributes to a healthier lifestyle.

The Farm's motto "Grow, Feed, Educate" inspires all that they do at The Farm, and in the community at large. They believe that it is first hand experience of seeing how food is grown and produced that makes the eating of it so much more pleasurable. From this simple pleasure sprouts a curiosity and desire to learn more.

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