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When sent to landfill, food waste doesn’t harmlessly break down. It rots and releases methane – a harmful greenhouse gas 25x more potent than carbon dioxide. That’s bad news for the environment. A school with 300 pupils can create 34kg/84lbs of waste a week – just from classroom snack breaks. That’s not including recess or lunch! Compost your students food waste and help cut climate change from the curriculum.

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Compost & garden with Subpod at your school

Encourage students to think about the link between growing and consuming food.

Allow students to safely explore the natural world with a valuable cross-curriculum learning tool.

Promote a sense of community in your school with school gardens and food festivals!

How Subpod Works

Compost worms and microbes live inside Subpod and turn all the materials you feed them into rich compost.
Subpod also acts as the ‘growth hub’ for your garden. Over time, nutrients from the compost will feed your garden soil, building soil fertility allowing you to grow nutrient-dense food at home with ease.

School Students learn about composting

Launch Subpod in your school

Lower costs

Waste doesn’t just cost the environment. Disposing of green waste costs your school hundreds of dollars every year. Reduce the price tag on recess and lunch by composting on campus with Subpod

Get outside

Subpod creates opportunities for outdoor classroom activities! Explore project-based learning with an interactive tool that connects students to the natural world in a safe environment.

Teach for tomorrow

Add ‘making a difference’ to the classroom plan. By empowering children to make a difference today, we water the seeds for a generation that will take care of our planet for many tomorrows.

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