Periwinkle PreSchool

2019 - Byron Bay, NSW

Periwinkle PreSchool in Byron Bay is based on a Steiner program, which values the importance of self-initiated play, artistic work and household activities to meet the needs of what is an active and imitative stage of childhood.

In 2017 Simon McLean, Director at Periwinkle PreSchool, came to one of Andrew’s Saturday morning compost talks at Santos Organics in Byron Bay.

Over the next 6 months Andrew and Periwinkle staff organised a working bee with the parents of the preschool to rebuild 3 raised garden beds, which would grow herbs, veggies and lettuces and could be used for lunches.

In February 2019, we donated and installed a prototype Subpod, and the team gave a mini workshop with the children teaching them how to feed the Subpod.

The children now use the Subpod as part of their education in turning food waste into soil and food, and the kids are really enjoying the new, easy and efficient way of composting.  

Simon McLean, Director of Periwinkle PreSchool says:

“Having the Subpod in the garden has been fantastic because it has really complimented our food focus curriculum we are providing meals here for the children every day so we are generating a bit of food waste and this way we can utilise the food waste whist educating the children about the value and importance of sustainability and composting and they’re learning about this through a real practical hands on way – they’re learning about it by actually doing it – it’s been a real compliment to our already existing curriculum.”

“Having the systems installed is enthusiasm of the children in their willingness to participate in helping – often I won’t even have to ask anyone I’ll come out with the bucket and someone will see and they’ll come running over saying ‘can I help turn the worms?’ - they know the process very quickly and are very keen to get up there and very competent even at the age of 3, 4 & 5 of going through the whole process and knowing what it entails.”