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Our mission is to grow a global community of everyday people committed to changing the way they think about waste.

It's a huge issue and sometimes doing the right thing can feel so confusing, no matter how aware we are. 

But one simple habit can create a big change. When food waste ends up in landfill nothing good happens. Greenhouse gasses, soil and water contamination, its a real mess. 

The good news is that when we compost food waste it creates fertile soil that grows healthy food. It's a simple and practical way to do our bit and participate in the emerging Circular Economy that views all waste as a resource.

Subpod takes the hard work, and mess out of composting so it's easy to do, from the backyard to an entire community. 

We are launching via Kickstarter on Nov 5 and we need your help to spread the word.

Its Time To Transition

From The Linear Economy

To A Circular Economy

Simple Tools + Simple Actions = Big Changes

By composting right in the garden bed Subpod not only harnesses natural systems to make the process simple and easy.

It also make composting look good, opening up a world of possibilities for composting in  places where traditional methods might not fit, like small courtyards, public spaces and businesses.

With years of testing we've found something special happens when we get people composting with Subpod right in a garden bed. Using Subpod makes the connection between organic waste and healthy soil obvious, as the garden starts to thrive. 

Living soil is a foundation of life on earth, and with soil degradation set to disrupt our global food system in the coming decades unless some big changes are made. We all need to learn to love soil.

Composting with Subpod is a practical action towards a better world and takes just minutes per week.

Feed The Soil. Feed The World.

"When we feed the soil we bring the food vitality and nutrient density right up to the maximum. It's the soil ecosystem we’re stimulating. And the Subpod incubates that into action. It starts that catalyst event right there in your garden. From your waste stream on your kitchen bench, straight to the garden, back to the food - where you are. You can’t do it more efficiently!"

Geoff Lawton
CEO of Permaculture Research Institute
World renowned Permaculture consultant, designer and teacher

The Story So Far

Creating Subpod has been a labour of love for our small team of waste warriors and soil stewards. Invented by ecological designer Andrew Hayim De Vries, more than 8 years of work has gone into bringing Subpod to the world. 

Thanks to the support of backers from 29 countries in early 2019 Subpod is now in production and ready to ship globally. And for every 10 Subpods pre-ordered we give 1 to a school or a community group, with 80 allocated already to exciting projects in 9 countries

We've also created the Subpod Grow system, that includes a small footprint garden bed and compost aerator specifically designed for use with Subpod. It's flat packed and can be assembled and planted out in under an hour. 

To celebrate this milestone we are launching a Kickstarter campaign on Nov 5 and we need your help to spread the word. 

Subpod Grow Open

Crowdfunding Needs A Crowd

Running a Kickstarter campaign is a fine art, and one of the most important factors for success is ensuring we have plenty of people ready to back us on day one. 

That's where you can help. 

Join the Grow Team and share Subpod with your fans, followers, email lists and professional contacts to help us make our Kickstarter a success. 

Do it for the love of soils, or if you need an extra sweetener, join our affiliate program and earn a percentage of every pre-order you refer! 

Choose your option below and help us make composting a part of every day life.

Join The Grow Team & Support Our Nov 5 Kickstarter Launch

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From Backyard To Community Scale, Subpod Is Turning Food Waste Into Soil Food Around The World

Splendour In The Grass Festival 2019
Habitat Live Work Precinct, Byron Bay
Tallala Retreat,
Sri Lanka
Malabugilmah Community, NSW

Join The Grow Team & Support Our Nov 5 Kickstarter Launch

I just want to spread the word

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I want to join the affiliate program

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