Compost Communities Program

Kids composting

If you are a school or community group who would like to use Subpod in one of your projects we have good news! 

You can apply to receive up to 3 Subpods for your project as part of our Composting Communities program for free.

We are allocating one Subpod to the program for every 10 pre-ordered.

At last count, this means we have 83 Subpods available for community and school projects around the world!

UPDATE: With so many applications coming in already for this program it has become clear we can't meet the demand given our current level of sales. So we have added a referral program for applicants wanting to take an active role in promoting the program.

Here are the two ways you can apply to our Composting Communities program:


    If you would like to help us spread the word about Subpod, along with the wonders of composting and growing food in your community you can sign up for a unique referral link via our crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and share our campaign with your community.

    Every sale that comes through this link is tracked and your school or organisation will receive a Subpod for every 10 sold. To register your unique referral link and learn how to track your progress follow the instructions here. 

    Once you have your link please fill out the form below and you will be registered with the program


      If you are unable to promote Subpod to your community or prefer not to (we understand there are many reasons this might be the case) simply fill out the form below and leave the Referral information fields blank.

      Your application will be assessed along with the many others received. However we must stress, your application does not guarantee that you will receive a Subpod, as interest in this program is already outstripping allocated Subpods.
        Use the form below to apply. We will announce successful applicants on an on-going basis while Subpods are available for pre-order.