Subpod Giving Programs

Compost Communities Program


Kids composting

We have been able to donate 95 Subpods to schools, community gardens and other deserving community groups around the world to date! 

During our crowdfunding campaigns we allocated one Subpod to the program for every 10 pre-ordered.  This means 95 Subpods were able to go to deserving homes around the world :)

We are truly happy to be able to do this due to the support of our backers, and hope these Subpods will bring years of joy, fresh food, and learning to many people.

In Subpod we believe in a circular economy and a new economy, this means that we will keep working with the community to bring Subpods to those in need.  As our company grows, we will continue to run more promotions and specials to be able to give back to our community.

We hope you can join us this adventure, and together we can get 20,000 more people composting in 2020.

This will divert over 10k tonnes of waste from landfill, and produce 400+ tonnes of fresh food per year.