Friday Feed #138 - Compost Vs Synthetic, Batteries Made From Wood and Rhinos Get a Big Win!

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Is Compost Superior to Synthetic Fertilizers?

Gardeners around the world are faced with a choice when it comes to delivering the right nutrients to their plants. They can go the synthetic route, using man-made, artificial fertilizers made from non-renewable sources and bought over the counter. Or they can choose the organic route, using naturally created compost to improve the quality of their soils and feed their plants.

Which would you choose?

If you think we sound a bit biased here at Subpod, that’s because we are! Compost is king in so many ways when it comes to fertilizing your garden. It helps you grow healthy, vibrant plants and vegetables that are resistant to pests and diseases. Some say you can even taste the difference in your produce!

The article below explains in greater detail what synthetic fertilizers are, and why compost is superior to them in so many ways.

Learn more about it today!

Batteries Made From Wood?

Imagine a battery in an electric vehicle that charges up in under eight minutes. Now what if we told you that the battery was made of wood? Sounds pretty out there, amiright?

Not for Finnish company Stora Enso, one of the biggest private forest owners in the world. As they watched the demand for paper decline over the years, and the demand for batteries reach insatiable worldwide levels, Stora Enso started looking into the possibility of using the trees in their sustainable forests to make batteries.

They hired engineers to investigate if it could be done using Lignin, a polymer found in wood. Lignin contains carbon, a vital component found in the anodes in batteries.

The result of the tests?

Well, it can be done. Stora Enso is planning to start manufacturing batteries out of trees as early as 2025!

Traditionally lithium ion batteries are made using industrial processes damaging to the environment. This could be a big step in making battery power more sustainable.

Watch this sapce, and find out more about this development below!

Good News About Indian Rhinos

1977 is a lifetime ago. Unfortunately, in that lifetime countless rhinos in the national parks of India have lost their lives to poaching.

But that all changed in 2022.

Because in 2022, for the first time in 55 years, not a single rhino fell victim to poaching over there! This is an incredible achievement, and a direct result of a massive campaign by Chief Minister Sarma of the State of Assam.

He put together an anti-poaching task force that involved sophisticated police commando teams, night vision glasses and drone monitoring. They’ve thwarted the efforts of many poachers, and the rhino population of 2895 stayed stable all throughout the year.

We wish these devoted wildlife warriors well! You can read more about them and their special efforts in the article below.

Want to Create Nutritious Compost in Your Back Yard?

A Subpod worm farm is the easiest way!

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