Friday Feed #121 - Warm your Worms, Reforestation in the Amazon and Decarbonising Mushrooms!

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Warming up Your Worms!

If you’re anything like us, when winter comes along you find it harder to get out of bed in the morning. And nothing much happens before that first cup of coffee!

Worms are similar to us in this sense. They slow down over winter, becoming lethargic in the cold weather and losing efficiency in composting your food waste. And if they’re exposed to extended periods of bitter cold, they probably won’t make it through to the warmer months.

The good news is there are ways to keep your worms alive and composting even during very cold temperatures. We want to let you know a few measures you can take to achieve this, so we compiled the below article.

We’ve had Subpod owners in very cold parts of the world register success with these methods, so keep them in mind for your next winter!

The Successful Amazon Reforestation Project

From freezing cold to slightly warmer temps, as we bring you good news from the Amazon Rainforest! Over 10-million years old, this incredible place is home to 390-billion trees and an incredible range of biodiversity. But all that has been placed under serious threat from deforestation, with nearly one fifth of the forest wiped out.

Good news stories related to this area can be hard to come by, so we’re really excited to tell you about this successful reforestation project that was implemented 20 years ago. Right in the ‘arc of deforestation’ in Brazil, it has reforested 2,000 hectares of degraded cattle pastures with natural rainforest.

To date they have sequestered 394,400 tonnes of carbon dioxide, equal to 85,000 cars being taken off the roads for a year!

The entire project is a laboratory for documenting the dynamics of reforestation, while also offering opportunities in education and ecotourism.

Find out more, including who the main funder is, below!

Mushrooms Decarbonising Construction Materials

The construction industry is very waste heavy, with old and unused materials generally finding their way into landfill.

A common roofing material, particularly in America, is the asphalt shingle. When old roofing is replaced, these shingles will undoubtedly end up in landfill, where they will sit for many, many years. In the US, more than 11-million tonnes of old shingles every year are dumped.

Enviro-scientists have long been looking for a solution to this, and they may have found one. Enter our fantastic fungi friend!

By combining mushrooms with a process called mycoremediation, scientists were able to breakdown asphalt shingles into a by-product that could be re-used in the industry.

This could hold phenomenal outcomes for the environmental footprint of the building industry! Read more about it below.

Ready to Start Home Composting?

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