Feed #62 – August garden tips & a guide to school composting

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Our new Compost Guide is here to help schools go green!

Our mission at Subpod is to make composting a part of everyday life, and who better to lead the charge than the future generation? We recently collaborated with KidsGardening, one of the largest nonprofit educational gardening organisations in America, to create a Compost Guide E-Book for educators who want to make a green change in their school.

The average person spends 15% of their life in school, from kindergarten to their final highschool year. Bringing composting and gardening to schools is a wonderful way to plant sustainable habits in young students, educate them on the food life cycle and get them moving in increasingly tech-based classrooms.

Our free 66-page Compost and Garden Guide for Educators E-Book is for teachers and coordinators who want to end food waste from their classroom, but there’s heaps of useful information inside for parents too. If you know a teacher or parent who’d be interested, download a copy for them and send it as a gift!

Subpod in the Guardians’ Green & Ethical checklist

The Guardians’ Green & Ethical checklist is a monthly newsletter that features sustainable and ethical products trending around the world. Shoppers use it to pick the best companies and products to invest their money in, and we were honoured to be featured in their August edition!

One of the easiest ways you can contribute to a better planet is by voting with your wallet. Sustainable products can have a higher price tag, but investing the extra money in a product you know comes from good sources sends a message to the businesses still trying to make a profit by hurting the planet & underprivileged workers.

E-Bikes, solar panels and ethical coffee beans are just some of the products on this month's Green & Ethical checklist. With such a growing market for sustainable and ethical products, one thing's for sure – corner-cutting companies are getting the message loud and clear.

Get your Fall garden started with these tips

Fall is probably the most underrated gardening month. Spring and summer get all the hype, so it's no wonder that new gardeners feel like they're done for the year when summer ends. But any seasoned gardener can tell you that Fall isn't just a great gardening month – it's one of the best!

Potatoes, pumpkins, carrots and cauliflowers – some of the tastiest veggies you can grow do excellent in the cooler Fall weather. There's an abundance of carbon lying around for your compost in the form of fallen leaves, and it's the perfect time to get to work tidying your patch before winter sets in.

In the lingering summer heat, Fall feels like a distant reality, but it's right around the corner! And we've found an article from Better Homes and Gardens to help you get your Fall garden checklist in order.

From the community – Bucketfuls of compost!

You don't see a Subpod this full everyday! Normally only one side of a Subpod will get full to the top like this to make harvesting easier, but the Subpod at @subpodwormiverse is almost exploding with rich compost.

"In the last few months I’ve put 100+ pounds of wasted/leftover food into this bad boy and it’s now all beautiful naturally fertilized soil and is ready to be harvested "

Haven't got a Subpod yet?

Check out our easy to use compost systems!

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