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Feed #116 - Starter Veggies, Tigers on the Rebound and Using the Sun to Fight Food Waste!

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The Best Starter Veggies for Your Kitchen Garden

Worm farms and kitchen gardens are perfect companions. The great news is, they can both be integrated into your lifestyle pretty easily. The learning curve isn’t steep, and the amount of time and effort to get the ball rolling can be accommodated into most peoples’ schedules.

We often get asked by amateur gardeners what they should be planting for their kitchen. There are a few factors to take into consideration when you’re choosing your crops. You need to think about the amount of space you have available, the time of year, and what vegetables you actually enjoy!

With that in mind, we’ve put together five surefire winners you can include in your home kitchen garden. Most people enjoy these vegetables, and they’re not too difficult to grow!

Want to find out what they are? Click the link below.

Fighting Food Waste With Solar Power

If you’ve ever been to India, you’ll know how hot it gets over there. Which is fabulous if you’re planning to spend your time swimming in the Goa beaches! But the downside is that food can spoil shortly after it’s harvested.

Because of limited refrigeration opportunities, huge amounts of food goes off every year in India. In a country where food security is a big issue, that’s a massive problem.

An organisation called ‘Science for Society’ has developed solar powered food dehydrator systems that helps combat this. They’re saving food waste, creating employment and preventing CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

Find out by how much below!

Tigers are Making a Comeback

It’s a tough call as to which is the most majestic predator. Lions? Tigers? Sharks? They’re all amazing, but we have a soft spot for tigers over here. Which is why we’re doing a happy dance around the compost system at the news that the tiger populations in much of Asia are rebounding.

In fact, in just over a decade their recorded numbers have nearly doubled to more than 5,500 tigers living in the wild. That’s great news, but we can’t forget that they’re still under big threats from poaching and human encroachment.

Learn more about these regal animals and their fight to survive below.

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