Subpod Home Composting Heroes

Did you know that the Subpod community of home composting heroes is over 50,000 people strong? Yup, more than 50,000 Subpods have been shipped to food waste warriors around the world, helping feed the soil and grow delicious, healthy vegetables and plants!

We love that Subpod is resonating so strongly with climate-conscious people, no matter where they live. It’s clear from our Growhub community how engaged you all are, not just with the Subpod product but with the whole concept of home composting! Together we really are making a difference, using our worm farms to make the planet a better place!

Today we’re paying homage to all of you with some real stories from members of our community, people who have been bitten by the worm farming bug and can’t get enough of home composting! Here’s what they have to say.

The Benson Family from Iowa

The family that composts together, grows together! The Benson family started composting to try and challenge themselves to reduce their waste going to landfill every week. Every day, they put all their food waste into a compost caddy, making regular trips out into the garden to feed their worm farm!

The Bensons love that with Subpod they have a designated space for their compost that is odor-free and pest-resistant. They can plant around it, and use the nutritious compost produced in the rest of their garden. These are activities they can do together as a family, bonding over helping their garden AND the planet!

Jen from Los Angeles

Jen and her family decided one day that the amount of waste they were sending to landfill was ridiculous! So they got researching home composting solutions, and got themselves a Subpod Mini! We’re really glad they did, because the Mini can compost up to 22lbs or 10-kilograms of food waste per week! That’s enough to take care of the household food waste of a family of one to four.

Jen has been amazed at how the cucumber plants that sit close to her Subpod Mini are significantly bigger than those on plants a little distance away! Those worms and microbes really do their thing when it comes to feeding the soil and helping healthy and nutritious plants grow.

Giordano from Baltimore, Maryland

Sustainability advocate Giordano lives in Baltimore, Maryland, where the winters get reallllllllly cold. Like freezing cold. She’s been composting with Subpod since July 2020, so she knows a thing or two about keeping her worm farm going during those cold winter months.

With a cold frame, extra carbon and a little bit more tender loving care she’s nurtured her worms through their second winter, and kept the home composting going! And that’s super important to her and her family, who try to reduce their environmental impact in everything they do. Thanks Giordano, and by the way, that is one cool apron you’re wearing in the video!

Nik Sharma, Celebrity Chef

Food writer, photographer and cookbook author Nik left a career in molecular science to enter the food industry. What a good move it turned out to be, as Nik is one seriously talented person in the kitchen!

Nik cooks all day, so you can imagine the amount of food scraps that get produced. With Subpod, Nik has found a way to keep that waste out of landfill, putting it back into the soil. Once it's broken down in his worm farm, he can use the compost to fertilise his garden, growing healthy vegetables to use in those delicious meals he crafts.

You can learn more about Nik at his excellent blog, A Brown Table.

Are You Ready to Become a Home Composting Hero?

We’d love you to join the Subpod family! Food waste is such a big problem around the world. Each one of us sends around 330lbs of it to landfill every year, where it decomposes really slowly and creates harmful methane gas in the process.

With Subpod, you can compost your family’s food waste and help keep these harmful greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere. Not only that, you’re helping the soil to regenerate while creating nutrient-rich compost that makes your garden grow!

Check out our worm farms below, we have composting solutions for all size families and homes!

Let's fight food waste together!

Check out our worm farm compost systems below.

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