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Liv from Adelaide, Australia

Little people can make a lot of mess. Families with small children often see a lot of food go into the bin, either mushed and uneaten or dropped on the floor. Liv and her family wanted to save that food to feed the garden, but needed the right kind of composting system.

“We had so much waste, being a big family, and we really wanted to use it in the garden but didn’t like the idea of a composter that was smelly or attracted vermin.”

Watch the video below to see Liv's Subpod review.

Ariel from Chicago, Illinois

Spring is the perfect time to start composting with Subpod, but that didn’t stop Ariel from setting her Subpod up right before a frosty Chigaco winter. Her snow-covered success story is one that anyone living in a colder climate wants to hear!

“We’ve been composting since October, and it’s February now. It’s remarkable how the worms are still alive even in the depths of the Chicago winter!”

Watch the video below to see Ariel's winter composting Subpod review.

Hunter from Dallas, Texas

Hunter is one of many compost cowboys using Subpod in the state of Texas! Subpod suits heaps of different climates, but it's especially good at coping with sun and heat – two things Texans know all about.

“Subpod has been an extremely easy, convenient and effective way to take the food scraps from our house and create the compost that we need to grow new fruits and vegetables."

Watch the video below to see Hunter’s full Subpod review!

Jane from Byron Bay, Australia

Jane, from beautiful Byron Bay, has a childhood compost story that we can relate to. Growing up, she was a little scared of the black compost bin that loomed in her garden and stunk like old socks.

“When I was young we had a big, black bin that we put our food scraps into. It was surrounded by flies, and we were all scared of it – it really stunk! Composting after that time in my life hasn’t happened, until now.”

Luckily, she’s been able to find her way back to composting as an adult with Subpod, and we couldn’t be more excited to hear it. Watch the video below to hear Jane’s honest Subpod review!

Giordana from Baltimore County, Maryland

Why compost? For some, having a good supply of compost in the garden is a no-brainer! But for people like Giordana, there’s a deeper reason that inspires them to change the way they waste.

“I see climate change as a justice issue. Everyone should have the right to safety from climate-related disasters, and anything that I and my family can do to mitigate that, is important to us. So, we decided that we would undertake backyard composting.”

Each year, food waste contributes over 6.6 trillion lbs of CO2 into the atmosphere. The total weight of all those polluting gases is 8x heavier than all the cars in America! By taking a stance against food waste, Giordana has found an easy way to combat climate change – and fall in love with her garden.

Jenny from San Diego, CA, USA

Jenny felt the sting from food waste during lockdown, like many others. She started looking for a way to compost after noticing how much food was wasted while cooking at home in quarantine.

“During quarantine, we started to cook a lot more, and we realised how much stuff we were just throwing out. I heard about Subpod, and thought I’d give it a try – I’ve never done anything like this at all!”

For a first time composter, it’s going great. Jenny has a beautiful garden growing and her compost worms look healthy and happy. Watch the video below to hear her honest Subpod review. Thanks, Jenny!

Michael from Adelaide, Australia

Michael has an absolutely stunning garden at his home in Adelaide. As a gardener, you can never have too much compost, and he likes to use a variety of systems. It doesn't take an expert to see that his plants are loving the Subpod in their garden bed!

"As you can see the Calendula, which are planted just around the Subpod, are absolutely loving it."

Subpod is an Australian company, and we love supporting fellow Aussies where we can. Check out Michaels' garden here.

Larissa from San Diego, California 

No one should have to choose between having a beautiful home and doing beautiful things for the planet. Larissa's grandparents passed down a love of composting – and thanks to Subpod, she's sharing the same thing with her own daughter.

"I grew up composting as a child with my grandparents, and it was always very important for me to compost – but in an urban setting, it's difficult. Most Americans, like us, want to use our yards for something beautiful and not necessarily for something functional. Subpod was the perfect solution for us! Our daughter loves it, these are her pet worms."

We're so happy you found the perfect solution with Subpod, Larissa.

Dee from Connecticut, New England

Kids birthdays are fun, but they can be messy. Dee has found a great way to cut down on cleaning without creating unnecessary waste from her children's parties.

“We had a birthday party for my son, and what I really love is that we were able to use these compostable plates as carbon for my Subpod.”

There are so many things we can do to reduce our waste – but we don't always think of them. Great job on going green for your son's birthday, Dee!

Ali from Cleveland, Ohio

Ali loves the time she spends outside teaching her young daughter about composting (and showing her the wriggly compost worms). She feels like Subpod can remove a lot of the barriers that get in the way of when you’re trying to learn to compost.

“Owning a Subpod really does take any of the fear out of composting.”

Composting and gardening are such great ways to get outside and spend quality time with your loved ones. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Ali.

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