How To Compost Pet Poop With Subpod

Composting pet poop with Subpod is simple, and mess free.   

Here are the steps and a few tips to keep the worms thriving and the compost odor free.  

🌻Start the Subpod off with some high quality bedding - we suggest a brick of moistened coconut coir, adding water until it is damp, but not dripping wet when you pull up a handful of it.  If you overdid it, just let the excess water drain off before adding it to the Subpod.

🌻Stock with at least 1000 compost worms

🌻Start feeding after a day of putting in the worms, adding the dog poop and cover with a small handful of dry carbon ( wood shavings, sawdust, hydrated coconut coir, or crumbled well dried leaves)

🌻When adding poop every day, to avoid annoying the worms, just stir the compost every 3 to 4 days or once a week is enough.  Aerators are best for this.

🌻Manure is a preferred food source for compost worms, so you will be feeding them food they like to eat but feel free to add a few food scraps from time to time as well!


    🌱Set up your Pet Poop Subpod in a shady location so it doesn’t overheat in the summer. 

    🌱Don’t add the poop for a least a week after deworming your dog as residual de-worming chemicals in the poop will hurt the compost worms

    🌱If your dogs are prone to producing dry poop, consider keeping a small bucket near the Subpod with some water in it to drop the poop into and tip this into the Subpod after a few hours or when you get to it.

    🌱Keep an eye on the consistency - if the compost is looking dry, mix in some water.  If it is looking wet or sludgy, add a dry carbon that has some fiber - wood shavings or coconut coir are best for bringing air back into the compost. Crushed dried leaves that have been on the ground for at least 3 months are another choice.  This brings in plenty of air which is healthy for the worms and favors conditions for aerobic microbes which keeps smells at bay.

    Harvesting your finished compost

    When the system is close to full (it will take 6 months on average for one large dog’s worth or 2 smaller ones) wait a week or two without feeding and empty the upper half into the garden around ornamental shrubs or around any kind of tree - ornamental or fruit or nut bearing is safe. 

    You can use the aerator to harvest the compost.  

    Remaining worms in the system will quickly breed up to manage the resumed poop feedings.  

    Optional: to maximize the worms kept in the Subpod during harvest, consider making a slurry of white flour and water the consistency of pancake batter.  Use a stick to push back the compost from the 4 corners to create wells reaching to the bottom on the Subpod and pour the batter into these holes.  Wait 2 to 3 days and just harvest the upper half of the compost. 

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