Garden tours from the Subpod community

To celebrate National Garden Week, our green thumb followers took over our Instagram feed with tours of their gardens from different zones all across the United States and Australia! Watch the tours below to take a look at some of the best gardens in the Subpod community.

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Lee from zone 10, NSW, Australia

Lee's bountiful patch is best seen on her instagram page @urbanveggiepatch where she can be found holding carrots half her size and growing delicious heirloom vegetables. Gardening is Lee's way of nurturing herself, especially as a mother of small children.

"I started gardening soon after I had my first son. I suffered from mild post-natal depression, and gardening was so unexpectedly healing for me... While I was nurturing my kids, my garden was nurturing me."

Explore Lee's garden in the video below!

Airam from zone 10a, San Diego

Do you fight heatwaves in your area? You're in the same boat as Airam, who was preparing for another sunny san Diego heatwave during her garden tour. Airam shares her gardening tips and harvests on her Instagram account @itsthymetogarden so be sure to check it out!

"I like to grow my squash through the three sisters methodology, it's companion planting at its finest. Squash is my favourite crop to grow, but not for the reasons you think..."

Watch Airam's garden tour to see why squash is her favourite crop.

Nicole and Jose from zone 9b, Central Florida

Gardening nurtures our spirit, but it can also nurture our relationships. For Nicole and Jose at @the_espinozas_urban_farm gardening not only brings a sense of control and peace back into their busy modern lives, but brings them closer together as a couple.

"Gardening, for me, has given me a sense of connection with my life partner. We love to come out here in the mornings on the weekends, nurture our garden, and enjoy each others company."

If you're trying to convince your partner to join you in the patch, this beautiful garden tour might just help you win them over.

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