Our Recipe For The Perfect Seedling Mix

Let's get your garden started! We've found a foolproof seedling mixture and we're dying to share it with you. It makes sprouting seeds feel like a snap.

What you’ll need to get started:

  • Coco Coir
  • Perlite
  • Worm castings from your Subpod 
  • A little compostable pot for your seeds to be planted in - old egg cartons work great for this!

Our seedling mix has 4 fundamental features to support the growth of your plants: Water retention, air, microbes and nutrients. 

Some seedling mixes get air and water retention right, but miss out on the nutrients and microbes needed to kickstart healthy growth in your plants. This can mean your seedlings may not grow as robustly as they could, so it’s crucial to make sure they’ve got the best food for the job.

Air and Water Retention

Coconut Coir can absorb up to ten times its weight in water! Add this into your seedling mix and your little plant will never go thirsty.

While Coco Coir takes care of the water side of things, Perlite will store air and create pockets of oxygen in the soil, keeping root development on track and making sure your plant gets plenty to eat.

Microbes and Nutrients

Worm castings are an ideal fertiliser, free from nitrates so your plants’ roots will never get burnt. They’re also jam-packed full of nutrients and microbial life that your seedlings and veggies will thrive on. Lift the lid on your Subpod, and your own fuss-free fertiliser will be waiting right there for you.

Once you've got your ingredients ready, mix them together thoroughly so every seed is planted in the same soil. Watch the video above to see what your mix should look like when you're done!

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