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The in-garden compost system that works with nature

Food waste has a negative impact on the planet and climate. Composting reduces waste, enriches soil, and protects the environment. Subpod makes it easy to compost at home without smells or pests. Reduce waste, support the environment, and contribute to a sustainable future with Subpod. Plus, Subpod's minimalist design looks great in any outdoor space.

Beginner Friendly

Subpod is an easy and beginner-friendly composting system. Simple and low-maintenance. Perfect for anyone looking to reduce waste and help the environment.

Odourless & Fresh

Subpod eliminates smells and produces fresh compost. Its closed system captures odours and prevents pests. Clean, efficient and environmentally friendly.

Simple Installation

Subpod is easy to install with helpful videos and a guide. Clear instructions ensure correct setup. User-friendly design makes it easy for anyone to start composting at home.

Subpod in 4 Simple Steps

1. Add your Food Waste

Add your food waste to Subpod and give it a mix with your aerator (compost mixing tool)

2. Nature Goes to Work

Worms and microbes go to work, breaking down your food waste into compost

3. Smell Free Composting

Ventilation and aeration keep your Subpod smell-free while the composting process happens

4. Harvest your "Black Gold"

Harvest your compost and use it as fresh organic fertilizer for your plants

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I love my Subpod so much!

It is so well built and easy to set up. I only wish I had ordered the bundle instead of only getting the Subpod itself. It would have actually saved me so much money by doing it that way instead of thinking I could save money by beginning a container garden on my own! I’d advise you to at the very least get the aerator with it when you order!

Gina D

United States


Way easier to get started.

I've used and made a lot of composting boxes over the years. The Subpod is an order of magnitude better than all of them. You don't need to embed it in the ground, and its portable. Setup is literally a snap and rodents can't get into it. Different sizes (particularly larger) would be a good expansion of the product line, but otherwise the Subpod is the iPod of composters.

David G

United States


Subpod for a small yard.

The Subpod is very well suited to the yard because it is only small and has decorative planting. The Subpod serves the need to recycle food waste , composting rather than discarding in the bin. I needed a compost system that did not attract vermin and strong odours, as I live in close proximity with neighbours. So far, so good.

Genia S



Perfect product

Really simple to install, perfect way to keep a worm farm without having extra space for it. I work at a childcare centre and we visit regularly to see the worms and learn about how they make our soil nutritious for our veggie garden.

Caroline K



Well planned!

The subpod was extremely simple to assemble and install. My husband made a box to accommodate it and just yesterday I activated it with paper and dry leaves and compost and worms from our existing compost. It is a very convenient solution to pest problems in our compost system. Thank you.

Shelly E


There's a Subpod for everyone

From backyards to large commercial developments, Subpod is turning food waste into rich organic compost in an easy to use, smell-free and aesthetically pleasing way.

Subpod Mini

We created Subpod Mini to make composting fun, simple and more accessible than ever. Designed for smaller households and inner-city living, Subpod Mini rests below ground, taking up very little space. The lid is subtly visible above ground, doubling up as the perfect garden seat! Composting with Subpod Mini is stress-free with all the basic instructions you need to get started right there on the lid.

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Subpod Classic

Subpod Classic is an incredibly efficient and innovative, food waste fighting underground pod. The only "3 in 1" – compost system, worm farm and garden seat. Chosen by over 20,000 families, cafes, businesses, schools, residential/commercial developments and community groups around the world. It's innovative design is smell free, mess free and stress free!

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Turn your food waste, into green space

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