Gardeners Wide Brim Hemp Hat

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Stay sun-safe in style with our outdoor all-rounder wide brim hat.

Our Gardeners Wide Brim Hat is the perfect outdoor all-rounder. Naturally UV and mould-resistant, hemp canvas will keep your head covered through sun or spray. One size fits all, with an adjuster around the band to help you cinch it in for a snug fit.

  • Adjustable chin strap keeps your hat on in windy conditions
  • Embroidered ‘Feed the Soil’ Subpod motto
  • Available in classic Khaki Green and Stone Black

Keep covered while you compost.

Shipping: arrives within 4 – 8 business days
Color: Olive Green
All orders dispatched within 2 Business days! 

Shipped from our L.A or Dallas warehouses via UPS, depending on your location.

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