Divert & Rebuild Unisex T-Shirt

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Bring compost into the conversation in our durable hemp and organic cotton unisex tee.

The Divert and Rebuild tee tells the story of Subpod’s ethos: Divert Waste & Rebuild Soil, Grow Food & Feed People. We believe everything that grows from the soil should return to it, in an endless cycle of regeneration. Wear this tee with pride and share our vision for a greener world.

  • Design inspired by banners in the original Earth Day
  • Hemp and organic cotton blend
  • Ultra soft & loose fit

Be a beacon of sustainability and closed-loop living.

Shipping: arrives within 4 – 8 business days
Size: XS / 2
Color: Black
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Shipped from our L.A or Dallas warehouses via UPS, depending on your location.

Divert Waste → Rebuild Soil → Grow Plants → Feed People →