Frequently Asked Questions

Is Subpod available for purchase?
How can I purchase a Subpod?
What are the dimensions and capacity of the Subpod?
How much food waste can you process?
What happens when its full?
How many worms does 1 Subpod make?
Does it include worms?
Why Subpod?
Where can it be used?
Do I need a raised garden bed? Or can it go directly in the ground?
What will Subpod actually look like?
Will Subpod work in any climate?
Is Subpod easy to install?
What can be composted?
What can't be composted?
Does Subpod smell?
How much do I need to maintain the system?
What else should I add to my compost system?
How do I know when the compost soil is ready to be harvested?
Is is possible to overfeed the system?
What happens to my compost if I go away?
What is the Subpod made out of?
Why plastic?
What comes in the box?